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Replica Ruby Slippers

Hand-sewn bows made for Judy Garland's ruby slippers

Our ruby slippers are identical to what Judy Garland as Dorothy wore in The Wizard of Oz because we use custom-made size 5B shoes right down to the right shape and height of the heel when she wore in Munchkinland, and we employ the same technique that MGM used to create their ruby slippers in 1938.

Many replica ruby slippers that we've seen over the years looks like cheap junk, please excuse us. Not only is the shape and size of the shoes very different to the original ruby slippers, but they also have strips of prestrung sequins glued onto the shoes. This is simple and effective for wearing at a dress-up party, but in no way can they be classed alongside the high quality replicas created by professionals with the right materials and hand-sewing thousands of individual sequins with a thread to a red georgette fabric overlay that was also used for the original ruby slippers.

This overlay on the original ruby slippers were sewn onto the shoes, although the heels and toes may have been glued if any. To complicate matters further, the jewels were also hand-sewn onto the same georgette fabric overlay and then sewn onto the leather bows.

Sewing the materials protects them from falling off while Judy Garland walks and jumps during filming. That's why after 75 years and although fragile, the original ruby slippers still have most of the materials attached and recognisable. It looks simple, but it is complex and time-consuming in its design because the positions of the sequins on both shoe must have the same pattern otherwise it would look funny.

The pairs of shoes used in The Wizard of Oz is made from silk, however the soles and attached bows are leather. According to "The Ruby Slippers of Oz," book by Rhys Thomas, the original ruby slippers only cost $15 in 1938, now you're looking at $3 million. In those days, nobody considered the ruby slippers important in history and Munchkin Mickey Carroll even saw Toto, Dorothy's dog, eating one of the ruby slippers in Judy Garland's dressing room.

The Wizard of Oz did a respectable $3 million (or about $50 million today) at the box office, but cost $2.8 million (or $46 million today).

These are just a couple of the many hand-sewn ruby slippers crafted by our company

Judy Garland's size 5B replica ruby slippers

Judy Garland's size 5B replica ruby slippers

A couple of photos below is the actual base shoe without the sequin overlay that was found on the MGM lot. The left shoe is in the possession of a private collector.

This size 5.5 base shoe was worn by Judy Garland when she wasn't required to wear the ruby slippers. This is also the kind of shoe that was used to make the ruby slippers for Judy Garland. It's a tad larger than the size 5 ruby slippers to give her feet some breathing room.

Base shoes used to make the ruby slippers by MGM       Base shoes used to make the ruby slippers by MGM

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Vintage rhinestones with rounded antique style silver claw settings

We are among the best bow makers for ruby slippers in the world, and we believe our work speaks for itself. All the stones and beads are hand-sewn with needle and thread exactly like the original bows.

We have rare materials that you wouldn't find elsewhere. Our vintage rhinestones with rounded antique style silver claw settings matches the originals, unlike modern rhinestones with pointy claws.

Exact copy of the rectangular stones on the original ruby slippers

We have invested thousands of dollars to obtain specially made custom cut rectangular stones from professional ruby slipper maker in Randy Struthers.

We probably have the world's largest stock of these high quality glass stones with the "V" cuts on the sides and large rectangular face cut, an exact copy of the stones used on the original ruby slippers, so our ruby slippers are as authentic as they come.

To order a pair of ruby slippers, please contact us.

We use the same materials used by the Innes Shoe Company to make the base shoes, and the same materials used by MGM to transform the shoes into a pair of ruby slippers. We also employ the same painstaking technique as MGM to make our ruby slippers, all the sequins and jewels are hand-sewn to the shoes with a needle and red thread. Today many replica ruby slipper makers do the easier way and use a round embroidery hoop to sew the sequins onto a separate fabric base which is then later glued or stitched to the shoes.

Here are the materials we use to make our ruby slippers....

* We use a pair of American size 5B custom-made shoes to make our ruby slippers. It's exactly the same shape and size that Judy Garland as Dorothy wore in Munchkinland, or the "Witch's shoes" as they are commonly called. They were the type of shoes used in the film industry and the bridal industry during the 1930's.

* The outer layer of shoes is made from real silk then it was dyed deep red.

* The outer soles under the shoes is made from leather and painted red.

* The interior of the shoes consists of leather soles and gabardine fabric on the inner layer, constructed the same way as the original ruby slippers.

* Each heel is made from strong wood and covered in silk. The front part of the heel is covered in thin leather that is painted red. There's a black rubber heel cap that is 1/4" high and painted red.

* The overlay is a red georgette fabric that is sewn and constructed as part of the shoes.

* Included on the right shoe is a gold stamp that reads "Innes Shoe Co. Los Angeles, Pasadena, Hollywood". Judy Garland's name is written in block letters with a black fountain pen on both shoes.

* Each 2" wide bows have 46 rhinestones, 3 large rectangular red glass jewels and around 42 red bugle beads as they appear on the ruby slippers that Judy Garland as Dorothy wore in Munchkinland. We would like to point out that each of the original pairs of ruby slippers all have different numbers of bugle beads because they were basically placed where they fit accordingly on the bows. MGM didn't think that anyone would ever look at the bows up close and therefore the number of bugle beads was irrelevant.

* The fish-scale sequins are 3/16th of an inch round, or 5mm which is tiny, and they are thick like the original ruby slippers.

Judy Garland's size 5B custom-made shoes

Judy Garland's size 5B custom-made shoes

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Judy Garland's size 5.5 replica ruby slippers

Judy Garland's size 5.5 replica ruby slippers

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